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Why And How To Swaddle A baby

In ancient times, mothers use long strips of cloths to wrap or swaddle their baby from top to toe.

Before babies learn to control their limbs, their arms and legs may have sudden frequent jerking movements, which then surprises themselves. When they were to fall asleep, they would be easily waked up. Swaddling prevents these actions, and it prevents baby from knocking their face or scratch themselves.

Therefore nowadays, we use a soft cotton cloth to wrap our baby. Being tucked up with a swaddle feels like being held and cuddled, and this helps sooth and comfort babies.

Another question raises, how to swaddle our baby correctly and properly. Just follow below 5 steps to get your little honey swaddled.

Step 1: Lay a square blanket down on a flat surface like a diamond. Fold the top corner down toward the center of the diamond; the top now forms a straight line.

Step 2. Place baby face up on the blanket so her neck is along the top edge. (Don’t let the blanket touch the baby’s cheek. She may think it’s a breast, which would set off a rooting reflex and make her cry in confusion at not being fed.)

Step 3: Gently hold baby’s left arm down along his side. (If baby’s arms are bent, he can wriggle out of the swaddle.) Take the blanket about 4 inches from his left shoulder and pull it down and across his body tightly, tucking it snugly underneath him on the opposite side.

Step 4: Now take the bottom corner and lift it up over baby’s legs and right arm, tucking that corner behind her right shoulder. Here, we’re keeping it loose so baby’s legs and feet can move around.

Step 5: The big finish, take the remaining corner, pull it tightly across baby’s body (again making sure the arm is straight), and tuck it snugly underneath her on the opposite side. Double-check to make sure the swaddle is nice and tight and won’t unravel. If the tuck-in loosens easily, secure it with duct tape.

Always remember to put your baby down to sleep on his back. If he shows any signs of rolling over onto his side or tummy, stop swaddling him immediately.

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